Need to make a change in your proposal software?

Here are some things our clients have to say:

"I've used a web-based proposal system in the past and found the RFP side of the solution cumbersome and hard to use."

"We have been using a proposal automation system for 10 years now and it's just not working. It is so complicated that only one person knows how to use the solution and that's it!"

"I am thinking it is better to centralize the content repository into a tool the new salespeople are familiar with - Microsoft Word."

Sound familiar?

Complex back-end proposal software systems can lead to frustration and low adoption rates causing stress on both personnel and budgets. If this sounds familiar, it may be time to consider a different type of solution.

Expedience Proposal Software can help you migrate from your current proposal system or database into our easy-to-use Microsoft Word based system, quickly putting all of your previous content and efforts back to good use and into the hands of your users with little or no downtime - all within the simplicity of Microsoft Word.

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