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Automated RFP Response & Proposal Creation

The Expedience Software Suite is a set of Word automation tools
built on the familiar Microsoft ribbon

  • Automate the creation of persuasive documents including RFP responses, proactive proposals, FAQs, sales letters, DDQs, RFI responses and compliance reviews
  • Instantaneous access to perfectly formatted and approved content from within your Microsoft Word application
  • Significantly reduce document generation time and the number of salespeople required to create an increasing number of winning proposals faster
  • Spend more time on win-themes and client-specific content while eliminating errors in proposals

Here are some things our clients have to say

RFP Request For Proposal Software

If you are looking for RFP request for proposal software that streamlines this otherwise tedious, time-consuming process, then you have come to the right place. The dedicated staff here at Expedience Software has created a digital solution that makes it quick and easy to compile and format all types of proposals and documents, so your company can enhance its win rate and acquire more business.

Everything You Need Without Ever Leaving the Familiar Microsoft Office Applications

Expedience Software offers RFP automation software that it is natively incorporated within Microsoft Office.

When using Expedience RFP software for Microsoft Office your team can operate within the familiar confines of Word, PowerPoint and Excel (yes we can tackle even the most difficult Excel RFPs!) while utilizing the powerful capabilities of Expedience. This means a smaller learning curve and far less training — many new users become proficient with our RFP proposal software in no time.  Our clients tell us it is fun to use!

How Expedience Changes the Way your Team Creates Proposals and Documents

With our RFP request for proposal software, virtually anyone on your team has the power and capability to create professional looking, accurate and comprehensive proposals and documents. The following are just a few of the powerful tools that make Expedience so effective.

  • Our RFP automation software gives you instant access to approved, formatted data that you can simply drop into your proposals. That means you don’t have to dig through old documents to find that one “winning answer” or piece of data — you can store and recall it through our content portfolio.
  • Formatting proposals in a way that makes them readable and in line with your brand is essential. Expedience provides quick and easy ways to format these documents so that they stand out from the rest. It also helps you establish consistency with all proposals and documents that leave your office.
  • On top of the powerful tools available through our software, the Expedience team stands behind our solutions and we work closely with our clients. We provide consultations that will probe your current RFP and proposal processes and show you ways in which you can best leverage Expedience in your day-to-day operations.

The bottom line is that our RFP request for proposal software makes it possible to create better proposals faster — and, instead of getting lost in the administrative minutia of the business, your team members can focus more on delivering the services that set your company apart from the rest. Talk to our team and arrange for a free demo of Expedience.

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