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The Expedience Style Palette makes formatting a document quick and easy by supplying your corporate styles and pre-formatted headers, footers, cover pages and other document components.

The Style Palette also lists recommended styles in dropdown menus organized into specific types such as Heading Styles, General Styles, Bullet Styles, and Number Styles.

The Style Palette helps control that all documents are consistent across the enterprise, despite differences among individual computers.

Consistency and reliability of your formatting results are ensured with the Style Palette.

Key Benefits:

  • Fixes and cleans frustrating formatting problems.
  • Corporate headers, footers, and reusable content now just a click away.
  • Numbered lists and bullets made easy and consistent.
  • Dynamic menus put favorite styles at your fingertips.
  • Enforces proposal-specific formatting requirements.
  • Ensures consistency of corporate styles.

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