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How do I install Expedience?

Please refer to the Installation Guide located here.


When I opened a new Portfolio Ribbon I see multiple Portfolio Tabs appear.

Only one Portfolio Ribbon should be opened at one time. Typically, a Portfolio will be closed automatically when another is opened.

In the case when the first Portfolio remains open, you can close it directly by going to ‘About/Uninstall Ribbon’:

You may also find it easier to switch between Portfolios by using the ‘Switch Portfolio’ dropdown.   This will guarantee that the current Portfolio is closed.

How do I save an Expedience Ribbon to a shared drive?

It is surprisingly easy. From Windows File Explorer simply copy or move the Ribbon .dotm file to the desired location.

What are the size limits of a Portfolio Ribbon?

The size of a Portfolio Ribbon file depends on the number of items and especially the number of graphics and other large objects it contains. However, we are finding that the average size for a single Portfolio Ribbon is 250 to 350 items and under 5 meg.

Since you are not limited to the number of Portfolio Ribbons, you can divide your content among two or three to make file sizes smaller and navigation easier.

Do you need access to my company network or SharePoint to install the Expedience Ribbons?

We do not need access to your company network or your SharePoint site. You can upload the Portfolio Ribbon files the same way you now do to add files to your network, including SharePoint.

How do I download a Ribbon(.dotm file) from Dropbox?

If you are receiving your Expedience Ribbon files through Dropbox, there are two ways to download your Ribbons.

  1. Install the Dropbox desktop App. This free app will create a local folder that will automatically sync with the online files.  You can move files to and from this local folder using Windows Explorer.
  2. Download directly from the Dropbox website:
  • Sign in to the Dropbox website.
  • Navigate to the folder you want to download
  • Click on the empty space to the right of the folder’s name to select it. (Clicking on the folder name or icon will open the folder instead.)
  • Click Download from the blue bar that appears at the top of the file browser
  • Your browser will download the folder as a single compressed (ZIP) file, known as a ZIP file. Once it is downloaded, move to the desired location and decompress the ZIP file.
  • For more information see:
The Ribbon tab does not appear when opening the .dotm file?

If the Expedience Ribbon tab does not appear, it may be due to Word’s Macro settings.  To view the Macro settings go to Word File/Options/Trust Center/ Trust Center Settings/Macro Settings.

Check to see if macro settings are set to either ‘Disable all macros without notification’ or ‘Disable all macros except digitally signed macros.’  If either of these are selected the macros in the ribbon will not be permitted, and hence, the tab will not appear.

There are two solutions to this problem:

Select ‘Disable macros with notification.’ Close and reopen Word. Then next time you open the Ribbon dotm file you may see the macro notification:

Click ‘Enable Content.’ The Ribbon tab should appear. The security warning should not appear again.
Set the folder that contains the Expedience Ribbon to be a trusted location. To do this, go to Word/File/Options/Trusted Center/Trust Center Settings/Trusted Locations.

Click ‘Add new Location…’ Browse to the folder that contains the Ribbon dotm. Be sure to check ‘Subfolders of this location are also trusted.’

All the Expedience Ribbons contained in the folder should now load without any security warnings.

Content Management

How many Categories can be created in a Gallery?

There is no limit on the number of categories that may be added to a gallery.

However, you should keep in mind the gallery is very visual and perhaps should not be overloaded with too many items.

Is there a limit on the size of an Answer I store in the Ribbon?

There is no realistic limit on the answer size. Generally, any Word content you create can be stored in Expedience.

What kinds of content may be stored in the Content Portfolio Ribbon?

Any elements you create using Micorsoft Word can be saved as an entry in the Content Portfolio.

What customization is possible in the Ribbon?

The Gallery icons may be customized and the categories and content descriptions are yours.

How do I save a new Read-Only Copy of my Ribbon?

Expedience ribbons are packaged as files, and can be moved, copied and managed as you would any other file.

To save a new Read-Only copy of an Expedience Ribbon, first make a copy of the file using Windows Explorer. Give the new copy a new name to distinguish it from the original ribbon file.

To make the new copy read-only, change the properties of the file. To do so, from Windows Explorer right-click on the file, select “properties”, and then click on the “read-only” attribute to make the file a read-only copy.

Content Portfolio

What is the maximum number of users for a Content Portfolio Ribbon?

There is no limit as long a users are properly licensed from Expedience Software.

Whenever I insert an answer an extra paragraph is added.

The Content Portfolio ribbon includes a changeable parameter to automatically insert a new blank paragraph before inserting an answer. This setting can be set on or off, and if set on an extra line will appear before each answer.

To change the setting, select the “Format” option on the Content portfolio Ribbon, and click on the option to “Automatically Insert Paragraph” to turn it off.  Selecting the option again will set it back on (it is a toggle).

Whenever I insert an answer it is moved to the right.

The Content Portfolio ribbon includes the capability to automatically set and apply a margin before inserting each answer.

To use this feature, first format an answer with the margin (indent) that you want your answers use. With that answer highlighted, select “Format” on the Content Portfolio Ribbon and “Set Content Indent”.  With the margin set, you can now choose to have the margin applied to a single highlighted item by selecting “Apply Content Margin” or to all new answers by clicking on “Automatically Apply Content Margin”.

When I search a question the correct answer does not appear on the results list.

The Expedience Content Ribbon searches for answers based on matching words in the question with tags and content in the available answers.  If no answers are identified, it may be do to several reasons.

Include synonyms in the search.  Make sure that synonyms and related words are included in the search.  To reset these options click on the small arrow on the bottom right of the “Search” group. To include synonyms make sure that the option for ‘Apply Synonyms’ is checked.

Add key words. If synonyms are being applied, it may be that the content is not sufficiently tagged with key words.  Request that the administrator add key search terms, synonyms, or acronyms to the gallery item’s description field.

Include the content in the search.  There are occasions in which a successful search requires searching through the entire content. To reset this option click on the small arrow on the bottom right of the “Search” group.  Check the Content box as an element to be searched.

When I search a question I get too many matches on the results list.

The Expedience Content Ribbon searches for answers based on matching words in the question with tags and content in the available answers. If you are getting too many matches, it may be for any of several reasons.

Reduce the scope of the search. Expedience can search on different elements: the gallery name, the category, the description, and the full content.  To reset these options click on the small arrow on the bottom right of the “Search” group.  To remove the content from the search, for example, make sure that the “content” box is unclicked in the list of search elements.

Ignore Noise words. You may also get too many responses because the question being submitted to the search function includes common words that occur in many answers. Check to see that “Noise Words” are being ignored by clicking on the small arrow on the bottom, right of the search group in the ribbon, and checking to see that “Remove Noise Words Before Search” is clicked.  If it is clicked, you may need to add additional words to the Noise list.

Add Noise words.To reduce the number of matches, you can also add words to the “noise words” list, and these words will not be used in the search. For example, if you are a financial services company and you are matching the word “finance” in the question, you may want to add the word “finance” to the noise words list. You can add words to the ignore list by selecting clicking on the small arrow on the bottom, right of the Search group and adding the words by clicking on “New Words”.

Reduce the words in the search. You can also reduce the number of matches simply by reducing the number of words included in your search. It is not necessary to search for matches on an entire question; Instead just type an appropriate search term into the search bar, and only the words you entered will be used for the search.

How do I remove hidden flagging text?

Hidden text can be removed by using the Word ‘Inspect Document’ function.  This function can inspect and remove hidden and text as well as other types of hidden data.

To find the ‘Inspect Document’, go to File/Info.  Click on ‘Check for Issues’ and select ‘Inspect Document.’

Select the items you want to inspect and click ‘Inspect’

You will be prompted for each type of data. Be sure to scroll down to find ‘Hidden Text’.  Click ‘Remove All.’

When I am working in Office on something and hit enter sometimes it automatically insers items from the Expedience Portfolio. What causes this and is there a way to stop it from automatically inserting content into my document?

If Content is inserted when just typing in a document, it is probably because the option ‘Show Autocomplete Suggestions’ is checked on.  When this happen you may not realize that you have typed in part of a Gallery item name.  The suggestion box pops up quickly, but if you hit enter you may not even see the suggestion.  The content will just be inserted automatically. Very surprising and annoying.

To stop this from happening you will need to disable the ‘Show AutoComplete Suggestions’ option in the Office program you are using:

Microsoft Word:
Go to File > Options > Advanced > Under Editing Options Section
Then disable the option “Show AutoComplete suggestions“.

Microsoft Outlook: 
Go to File > Options > Mail > Spelling and AutoCorrect Button > Advanced > Editing Options Section
Then disable the option “Show AutoComplete suggestions“.

Style Palette

What is the maximum number of styles that can be defined?

You may define as many styles as needed in Style Palette

Authoring Features

How do I get the styles to show up in my document?

Click the “Apply Styles” Button and then select the styles you need from the dropdown.

Authoring tools do not appear on the Ribbon.

Even though you have registered an Author license the authoring tools may not appear on a particular Ribbon for a number of reasons:

  • The current computer being used is different from the one the Registration was submitted for.  Submit the Registration again for this computer.
  • The current Ribbon is a ‘Production’ copy and has been set to ‘Read-only.
  • The current Ribbon is being edited by another Author and is locked.

Make sure you are registered as an Author. If you are using the software on a new computer you may need to register again before the authoring functions will appear.  To register go to the ‘About’ dropdown and click on ‘Register Author’.  This will open a form that will send you a license key to enable authoring.

Make sure you are using the ‘Working’ copy of the Ribbon and NOT set to ‘Read-Only’.  A Ribbon is typically set to Read-only before it is distributed to Users.  It will also automatically be set to Read-Only if it is saved on SharePoint or in a protected folder, such as an Internet Temp File Folder.

Make sure the Ribbon is not opened by another Author.  Although the Ribbons support multiple simultaneous Users, only one Author can edit a Ribbon at a time.  Make sure no one else is currently using the Ribbon you wish to edit.

For more help refer to the Ribbon’s Author Guide.

I have an Author License but when I open the Ribbon to make edits, I receive a ‘Locked for Editing’ message.

Only one person can be editing a Ribbon at one time. If someone else has opened the Ribbon before you, that will lock the Ribbon for editing by anyone else.

To prevent this make sure that you separate your ‘Working’ copies which you able to edit, and your ‘Production’ copies that are distributed to users.


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Error message appears when selecting a file to open from Windows Explorer and Office Open file dialog box.

Error in Office 2013 when using Windows Explorer or Office to browse for file.  Error occurs when you select a file to open while the Preview Pane is open.   Can occur when using an Expedience Ribbon to browse for a file, but also occurs when browsing for a file directly from Microsoft Office or Windows Explorer.

In Word the error appears with the following message:  

In Excel 2013, the error appears without a message:

In PowerPoint 2013 you may see the following error:

The solution is to turn off the Preview Pane.

In Windows Explorer the Preview Pane option appears on the ‘View’ tab in the ‘Panes’ group:

In Microsoft Office the Preview Pane option appears on the top right most side of the ‘Open’ file screen: 

The following icon indicates that the Preview Pane is currently Hidden.  Clicking this will show Preview pane:  

The following icon indicates that the Preview Pane currently Shown. Clicking this will hide Preview pane: