What Does the Expedience Numbered List Accelerator Do?

The Expedience Numbered List Accelerator is a Microsoft Word based tool that allows you to create and use custom numbered list styles and manage auto-numbering in RFP’s and other content.

Numbered List Accelerator

Numbered List Styles

To apply a style to a list, simply select the list and click on a style in the menu. To add a new custom list style, select a list with the formatting that you want, and click ‘Create New Style’.

Lock Numbers

Auto-numbered lists can be a challenge in RFPs and other documents, when you want to prevent a list from changing its numbering.

To prevent an auto-numbered list from being renumbered select the list and click ‘Lock Numbers.’ The auto-numbers will be removed and replaced with manual numbers.

Restore Numbers

What if you need to add an item back into a ‘Locked’ list? Simply select the list and click ‘Restore Numbers.’

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