Expedience RFP Software Stores Standard Answers to your Common RFP questions

  • Approved Answers: Store reviewed and approved content directly in Microsoft Word for immediate use in your RFP responses.
  • On-Brand: Every answer is correctly formatted and ready to insert in your RFP response.
  • Easy Collaboration: Expedience allows SME’s to contribute and review the content they are responsible for, and SME licenses are free.

Expedience RFP Software Matches RFP Questions with Stored Answers Automatically

  • Complete Questionnaires Fast: Expedience searches for the best answer and automatically advances to the next question.
  • Leverage Advanced Search: Ignore noise words and leverage Microsoft’s native thesaurus–no manual keywords or synonyms needed.
  • Simplify Formatting: Automatic formatting features align answers, control line spacing and auto-numbering.

Expedience RFP Software Automates Proposal Creation

  • Instant Customization: Create and update placeholders to automate customization.
  • Retain Formatting: Expedience stores content in Word, so Word styles and formatting are fully retained.
  • Easier Packaging: Custom tools accelerate finishing steps like removing metadata and updating links.

"Expedience is so cool! It delivers an elegantly-engineered user experience."

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