Expedience Proposal Software is Completely Integrated into the Microsoft Office Architecture

  • Expedience RFP software is built directly into Microsoft Word which makes it faster than other systems, simpler to use and better at managing Word styles and formats.
  • Reusable Proposal content is stored directly in Word’s native structures to support Word formatting, graphics, embedded objects and any other Word supported content.

Expedience Proposal Software is Built to Help You Respond to the Toughest RFPs and RFIs

  • With over 20 years of experience developing RFP and Proposal software, the Expedience team has designed a set of tools that directly address the most important needs of proposal writers.
  • Custom formatting tools provide complete control over proposals to maintain consistency with corporate branding and comply with specific RFP formatting requirements when needed.
  • Review and updating tools make management of RFP and proposal content simple for proposal managers and SMEs.

Respond to RFPs and RFIs

Expedience Proposal Software Makes Creating Sales Proposals Fast, Easy, and Believe it or Not, Fun

  • Flexible deployment options make it easy to use Expedience Software in the office or on the road.
  • Simple to install, simple to use so no dependency on IT.
  • Search, browse, or view thumbnails of proposal content directly from Microsoft Word.

Create Sales Proposals

“The Expedience solution is recognized by our firm as a market disrupter in the RFP/RFI automation industry offering products and services that leapfrog current technology.”

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