The Assembler provides rapid creation of pre-defined, recurring documents by linking the latest content to the needed proposal output.

When the proposal or RFI template is requested the latest content updates are automatically pulled into the document in a single step.

This technique resolves the problem of having to maintain each Word template separately when the underlying content for that template changes. It significantly enhances consistency across a wide range of possible document types such as Proposals, standard Requests for Information, Due Diligence documents and other recurring document needs.

At the same time, a full complement of placeholders and replacement fields is possible to add more granular automation to the template itself. For instance, the user choices for customizing content can include:

  • Text items
  • List Selections
  • Additional Ribbon Content

The Proposal Accelerator
  • Company Information
  • Products
  • Services
  • Specifications
  • References, etc.

With the Assembler the software does all the work necessary to produce consistent and perfectly formatted content using the latest and best content available from the current content libraries.

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