The Content Portfolio ribbons put all your reusable RFP and Questionnaire content library elements into a simple interface directly in your current Word document.

Content Ribbons can automatically search, format and insert answers directly into your RFP.

The information you need is always available, immediately within Word!

Content Portolio Ribbon Example

RFP Content Portfolio toolbar

Content Portfolio Detail

Expedience Content Portfolios are Microsoft Word ribbons that provide instantaneous access to stored RFP content during the preparation of a proposal.  The content is stored inside the ribbon.

All of Word’s sophisticated formatting and other tools are always available. There is no need to leave Word to access RFP content in an external database or web library , which means that Expedience Portfolios are remarkably fast and easy to to use.

Content Portfolios are loaded with your organization’s formatted and approved content, ready for use within new proposals.

Each Content Portfolio ribbon includes up to eight galleries, named and categorized to reflect your organizations content.

Key Benefits:

  • Fully customizable Microsoft Word Ribbons.
  • Easily Search and Select Content.
  • Organized in visual drop-down Galleries.
  • Create as many ribbons as needed.
  • Supports all Word graphics, tables, objects, video and more.

Flexible Deployment Options:

  • Web
  • One Drive
  • SharePoint
  • Local Network

Highly Effective Question Search and Insert:

Highly Effective Search and Insert

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